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This article is being continously updated, with new updates being added to the bottom of the story (and in the table)

Original story (from November 28) follows:

Apple announced macOS Big Sur at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event on June 22, 2020. And after months of testing, the new OS was released to the public on November 12.

As you may already know, macOS Big Sur brings a host of new changes and improvements to the user interface and also adds a bunch of new features to enhance the overall user experience.


Apart from the visual changes and additional features, it’s also the first macOS version to support ARM-based processors.

This seems to have been a great move from Apple considering the massive wave of positive reviews of the new M1 (Apple silicone) Macs that are flooding the internet.

But it is not all moonlight and roses given fact that the macOS Big Sur update started off on the wrong foot.

Initially, many users who tried installing the macOS Big Sur update on their devices ran into an issue wherein the installation would fail or was downloading extremely slowly even on high-speed connections.


Without taking too much time, Apple rectified the problem, and users were able to download the update on their Macs to experience everything new that macOS Big Sur has to offer.

Well, bugs and issues are also part of ‘everything’ that macOS Big Sur has to offer. Of course, all operating systems have their fair share of bugs and problems and thus it’s no surprise to see issues pop up every now and then.

We have reported on many macOS Big Sur bugs and issues that have been affecting many users who have installed Apple’s latest OS for Macs.


Some of these include the printing, battery draining and overheating, and Apple Watch unlocking issues.

Matter of fact, new bugs and issues seem to pop up every now and then even though the macOS Big Sur update has been around for a short while.

Thus, we have decided to keep track of all the known bugs and issues found on macOS Big Sur and their status in order to keep you informed when such bugs and issues are fixed or whether there are workarounds available.

We will update the tracker table below each time a new bug is discovered or when there are any new developments on an existing bug or issue. Hence, be sure to check the tracker regularly.

Update 1 (November 30)

IST 07:00 pm: Google Drive Backup & Sync users are reporting about a new “Error: 8B227910” issue, which they say they’ve started encountering only after the Big Sur update on their macs. You can read more about it here.

It’s currently difficult to say, who is at fault here (Google or Apple). We’ll update as soon as we have more info.

Update 2 (December 03)

IST 06:55 pm: Some M1-powered MacBook users are claiming that they are interrupted at random with the screensaver. The issue might be affecting other users with the macOS Big Sur update installed. Head here to know more.

Many users with iPhones and Macs are also reporting that the iCloud tabs are not syncing properly after they installed the macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 updates on their devices. Check out more details on the problem here.

Update 3 (December 04)

IST 03:35 pm: After installing the macOS Big Sur update some users are complaining about choppy animations and system lag while using their Macs. For relevant workarounds and detailed coverage, head here.

Update 4 (December 07)

IST 02:55 pm: Folks with older Macs have been complaining of not being able to update to the Big Sur. It appears the rollout was halted for the older devices due to some bricking issue. Head here for the complete story.

IST 03:05 pm: Recent reports suggest that on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, Sidecar is not working for some users. Interested readers can find the detailed coverage along with the potential workaround here.

IST 04:20 pm: The auto-switching feature which allows the AirPods to automatically switch between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac isn’t reportedly working for some after installing the macOS Big Sur update on their Macs.

Head here for the complete story along with the potential solutions to the issue in question.

Update 5 (December 08)

IST 03:50 pm: Some Apple users are claiming that after installing the macOS Big Sur update they are facing issues while trying to AirPlay content from their MacBooks to their Apple TVs and other smart devices. Read our detailed coverage here.

Update 6 (December 10)

IST 05:45 pm: Apparently, some users on macOS Big Sur are facing Bluetooth connectivity issues and are unable to use audio accessories and other Bluetooth devices. Head here to know more about the issue.

Update 7 (December 15)

IST 04:35 pm: Some users are reporting that the Spotlight feature is no longer working as expected after installing the macOS Big Sur update on their Macs. Check out all the details here.

Update 8 (December 16)

IST 11:00 am: According to the changelog for the macOS Big Sur 11.1 shared by Apple, it has improved the reliability of unlocking Macs with the Apple Watch. More details here.

IST 04:30 pm: These are all the bugs and issues that are fixed with the Big Sur 11.1 update as per Apple’s official changelog:

– QuickTime Player might quit when opening a movie with a timecode track after upgrading from macOS Catalina
– Bluetooth connection status was not displayed in Control Centre
– Reliability of unlocking your Mac automatically with your Apple Watch
– Trackpad scrolling speed may be faster than expected on MacBook Pro models
– LG UltraFine 5K Display may incorrectly display at 4K resolution on Macs with M1

Update 9 (December 22)

IST 06:32 pm: Some users who have installed the latest Big Sur 11.1 update are reporting that they are now experiencing issues when connecting their Macs to 4K monitors. Read our detailed coverage on the issue here.

Update 10 (December 28)

IST 03:48 pm: Some iMessage users on are reportedly facing a few different issues after installing the macOS Big Sur 11.1 update on their Macs. Head here to know more about these problems.

Update 11 (December 31)

IST 06:31 pm: macOS Big Sur 11.1 now forces users to adjust the size of dialog boxes every time they pop up which has lead to a slew of complaints. You may read all about it through this link.

Update 12 (January 08, 2021)

IST 11:37 am: The recent macOS Big Sur update has rendered the Touch ID on several MacBooks almost useless with users reporting a string of issues. Read all about it through this link.

Update 13 (January 08, 2021)

IST 11: 41 am: Some users report that macOS Big Sur 11.1 update fails to install and results in a system crash. Or it may simply refuse to download completely.

If you are one of such, then check out these workarounds.

Update 13 (January 12, 2021)

As per a recent tweet, Apple is seemingly aware and already working on a fix for the Bluetooth connectivity issues brought about by the macOS Big Sur update.

Update 14 (January 15, 2021)

IST 01: 07 pm: Users are bumping into a range of issues with Google Meet following the macOS Big Sur update. They report that they can’t hear or see anyone on videocalls & that audio crackles on Safari.

Update 15 (January 19, 2021)

IST 12: 19 pm: There is a fresh bug with the Fast User Switching feature on the new M1 Macs wherein the screensaver takes over and leaves users temporarily locked out of their machines. Read more about it from here.

Update 16 (January 22)

IST 01: 18 pm: Apple has now fixed one of the many display issues plaguing the Mac mini M1 wherein external displays showed a black screen when connected using an HDMI to DVI converter, as per macOS Big Sur 11.2 release notes. Read more here.

Update 17 (January 28)

IST 12: 35 pm: Almost a month after Apple reportedly stated that the Big Sur external display issues are known and being worked upon, users still await a fix. However, there’s now a fresh workaround available. For more info, head here.

Update 18 (February 03)

IST 01: 31 pm: Google is rolling out a fix to address the Google Meet issue where users cannot see each other. Details here.

IST 02: 34 pm: Google will soon roll out an update to fix the issue where Chrome users are experiencing high CPU usage with Service Worker process after v88 update. Details here.

Update 19 (February 04)

IST 12: 47 pm: Sadly, the Big Sur 11.2 update makes no difference in the external display/monitor issues faced by many following the Big Sur 11.0 update. More details here.

Update 20 (February 04)

IST 06: 23 pm: The macOS Big Sur update takes away the option to set custom snooze time durations for Calendar notifications and users want it back. Read on here.

IST 06: 27 pm: A sudo bug that can grant an attacker root access has been discovered on macOS Big Sur. Fortunately, Apple is aware of the same and plans to release an update to patch it soon.

Update 21 (February 05)

IST 12: 11 pm: Node.js seems to be running into an unprecedented issue upon trying to install Yarn dependencies. The bug came into existence right after the Big Sur 11.2 update and hence it’s advisable to not update to it if you are a Node.js developer.

Friendly reminder to those who develop with or use Node.js on their M1 Macs – don’t rush installing macOS 11.2 (20D64). Native version of Node.js is currently broken on 11.2.

A issue for the same has been opened in GitHub and if all goes well, the matter should get resolved soon.

Update 22 (February 08)

IST 02: 47 pm: Multiple reports doing rounds can confirm that some macOS Big Sur users are unable to download the latest version 11.2. In cases where the download is successful, installing becomes a problem.

On the brighter side, there seems to be a workaround for this issue, just like was the case with 11.1. See details here.

macOS Big Sur bugs and issues tracker
Affected devices Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs Installation failed error Fixed
Macs Third-party apps fail to launch Acknowledged
Older MacBooks Device does not boot when connected to monitor via Thunderbolt Unacknowledged
Macs Google Drive backup and sync issues User reports & possible workarounds
Macs Battery draining and overheating User reports & possible workarounds
Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs Unable to print documents with most printers User reports & possible workarounds
Macs No option to change login screen background User reports & possible workarounds
Macs Apple Mail search function does not work User reports & possible workarounds
Macs Unable to unlock Macs with Apple Watch Fix released
Older Macs Big Sur update bricking some MacBooks Unacknowledged
Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs iCloud tabs not syncing properly Unacknowledged
M1 MacBooks Screensaver appears even when using the computer Temporary workaround
Macs Choppy animations and system lag User reports & possible workarounds
Older Macs “No update is available” error User reports
Macs Sidecar not working User reports & possible workarounds
Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs AirPods auto-switching feature not working User reports & possible workaround
Macs AirPlay not working as expected Possible workaround
Macs Bluetooth connectivity issues Possible workarounds (fix in works)
Macs Spotlight no longer working as expected Possible workarounds
Macs External 4k monitor issues Fix in works
Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
M1 Macs Fast User Switching bug Unacknowledged
Mac Mini M1 Display issues Some fixed, workarounds
Macs Google Meet audio crackling on Safari Workarounds
Macs High CPU usage with Service Worker process in Chrome 88 Fixed
Macs Calendar snooze duration options removed Details
Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs Sudo bug that grants root access to hackers Acknowledged
Macs Big Sur 11.2 breaks Node.js support Unacknowledged

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Affected device Bug/issue descrption Status
Macs iMessage unable to sign in, app not starting/syncing, and other issues Workarounds
Macs Big Sur 11.1 now always reverts Open/Save dialog boxes to original size Unacknowledged
MacBooks Big Sur 11.1 update breaks Touch ID and other issues Workarounds
Macs Big Sur 11.1/11.2 update fails to download or install Workarounds
Macs Google Meet users can’t see/hear anyone Fixed

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