Google Home/Nest devices display “Something went wrong” error when given voice commands, workarounds inside


There has recently been a slew of complaints from Google Home/Nest owners about their devices not responding to voice commands and instead throwing a “Something went wrong” error.

Now, as everyone is already aware, Google Home devices are all powered by Google Assistant and Assistant has had a troubled history with this particular error message.

In the past, we highlighted how the Lenovo Smart Clock ran into a similar issue and giving out the same error. There was also the curious case of many Google Home devices failing verification, and of course, throwing the same error.

My google home mini speaker (speaker-A) responds with “Something went wrong” when anything is spoken to it.

My Google Home devices started failing today (Wed Jul 29) as well, responding only with “Something went wrong” to every prompt. This goes for both my Google Home Mini (older) and my Nest Mini (newer). Casting to the devices does not work, either.

Coming back to the issue in question, users say that notorious error pops up on almost every Google Home/Nest device intermittently. Many have also stated that their smart home devices have stopped working completely.

The affected device list includes Google Nest, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Google Home Mini, and quite possibly many more Assistant-enabled devices.


Google Nest Mini

Moreover, the issue has been doing rounds for quite some time now with initial reports dating all the way back to September last year. It is just sad to see that the issue has still not been acknowledged.

Workarounds for the “Something went wrong” error on Google Nest/Home devices

The good news is that are a few workarounds at hand given out by the users and cherry-picked by us.

1. Disable IPv6: At least ten users have stated that disabling IPv6 has solved the issue for them. Hence, this should be the first thing to try if you are bumping into this problem.

I logged into my google wifi, and blocked IPv6. (“settings” -“network & general”- “advanced networking”-“ipv6” THEN TURN IT OFF.

2. Change Google Assistant language: Alternatively, you can also try changing your Google Assistant’s default language. Obviously to not something other than English, but to the same language from another region. To do so, just follow the instructions given below:

Try going to the google home app, click your account in the top right corner, at the bottom there should be an ‘Assistant settings’ button. Click that and it should bring you to your account page, from there click the ‘Assistant’ tab to the right of the ‘You’ tab, click ‘Languages’ and change the language to English UK.

3. Reset Google Home devices: Unfortunately, if none of the above workarounds helped, then your last resort could be resetting your smart home device, if you haven’t already.

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