Expanded Screenshot force stops accessibility services in OxygenOS 11 reports some users


Our modern smartphones have gotten pretty good over the years. They are now as feature-packed as they can be and are able to be used by all manner of persons, their physical limitations notwithstanding.

Both Android and iOS feature very elaborate accessibility features aimed at making usage for visually impaired persons a lot smoother. This has been taken up a notch by various OEMs, much to the delight of users who rely on said features.


OnePlus has, in many ways, been struggling with its Android 11-based custom skin, OxygenOS 11. We’ve seen delays and hurdles in rolling out OxygenOS 11 to its eligible devices, not to mention the countless bugs and issues afflicting users who have updated their devices.

Now, it is coming to light that there is a bug present in OxygenOS 11 that affects the devices’ accessibility services. According to a section of affected users, taking expanded screenshots forces accessibility services to get turned off.

A very handy option – shortcut of accessories menu is available on my OnePlus 8T under the settings>accessibility menu. I find it useful while I don’t want to push my buttons more for ensuring durability. The problem is, the shortcut menu gets auto disabled, even if I use it constantly and frequently.

This has happened to me for 3 times now. At first, I thought it would have been turned off by mistake by some friend, later I realized that this is happening frequently.

Please help on this issue.

I experience that accessibility settings in android 11 are reset after a few days. Nova launcher uses it for double tap to sleep and after a few days, I need to re-approve nova for accessibility. Happens with other apps too, macrodroid and taptap both need accessibility enabled as well. I’m on Android

As it turns out, the issue being explained by the user above can be recreated in a few simple steps.

1. Enable any accessibility service
2. Do an expanded screenshot
3. Check your accessibility service, it will be off after the expanded screenshot

The same expanded screenshot accessibility services issue can be seen in the screen recording attached below.

OxygenOS Expanded Screenshot bug

While many of the reports coming in hint at OxygenOS 11 as the culprit that brought this rather frustrating bug, there are reports of the same on other OnePlus devices running older versions of OxygenOS.

We have come across reports from users of the OnePlus Nord running OxygenOS 10, OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T along with newer devices running OxygenOS 11 such as the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8T with more reports trickling in.

It remains unclear what exactly causes this expanded screenshot accessibility services issue and at the time of writing, we are yet to get any acknowledgment from OnePlus.

Knowing the company, it is only a matter of time before affected users get some reprieve in form of a bug-fix update. We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

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