Apple Music gains support for swipe gestures to queue songs & pop-over menu controls in iOS 14.5 Beta 2

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Not many may be aware of the fact that Apple Music only gained major success following Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music.

The move was an extremely smart one as it helped eliminate a competitor whilst giving Apple a huge opportunity to improve their own music streaming service dramatically.

If not for this deal, Apple would’ve fallen way behind against other newer rival services like YouTube Music and Spotify. However, constant updates and improvements have established otherwise.

That said, Apple recently added a couple of major new features to Apple Music with the latest iOS 14.5 Beta 2 update aimed at making its usage far more convenient and intuitive than ever before.

Firstly, there’s the addition of new swipe gestures for moving songs to the top or bottom of your queue. To do this, just swipe to the right and you’ll see the options in blue and orange, as shown in the below video.

[iOS 14.5 beta 2] slide options in Apple Music! from iOSBeta

This is in combination with the “swipe left to remove song from the queue” gesture. Additionally, Apple Music has also received new pop-over menus for other controls pertaining to a song.

It is worth mentioning here that the Spotify app on iOS has already had similar features available for ages. But it’s still great to see Apple picking and incorporating some of the best features from its competitors.

Now, of course, these new goodies are only available for the beta testers on the latest, bleeding-edge version of iOS. Regular users will have to wait a while to avail them.

But if the usual patterns are to go by, the features should roll out for other users as well with the upcoming iOS 14.5 stable within a month.

Nonetheless, if you are interested and delve into the other features and bug fixes brought about by iOS 14.5 update, then you would like to check out the official iOS & iPadOS 14.5 Beta 2 Release Notes.

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