[Update: Jan. 28] Archive of Our Own (AO3) down right now, company investigating


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Original story (January 05):

For those of you trying to get your head around why Archive of Our Own (AO3) is not working and throwing an error 502 or 400 bad request, worry not, as you are not the only one facing the issue right now.



We are seeing a large number of reports from AO3 users who say the service is down and not working for them. Following are some of the reports for you to take a quick glance at:

is ao3 down i need my daily fanfic fix


What’s good is the company has officially acknowledged the outage, saying they’re investigating the problem in question. Here is their official statement and followed by the updates on the matter:

We’re experiencing some slowness and errors at the moment and are looking into the cause. Detective

Update 1:

Still poking around and waiting for more sysadmins to be awake at this time. Thank you for hanging in there! (Please rest assured that no particular work update broke the site, although we agree that *would* be hilarious.)

Update 2:

Sincere apologies, we’re still not sure what’s happening and will need to wait a little longer for reinforcements. If it’s close to your bedtime, the Archive will be back in the morning! Sleeping accommodationFull moon with faceSparkles Otherwise, carry on in the replies and be kind to each other. Sunflower

That said, we’re keeping continuous track of all the developments and will keep you posted.

Update 1 (January 05)

It appears the issue has been taken care off. Here’s an update on the matter.

We’ve restarted things and the Archive seems to be loading again! Party popper But please be gentle; we’re still looking into the cause and aren’t yet confident the site will remain up.

Update 2 (January 15)

Going by the latest reports on microblogging site Twitter, it appears that Archive of Our Own (AO3) servers are encountering an issue as of writing this, but it’s a routine process. Here’s what @AO3_Status has to say:

We’re about to do some routine updates to the software on our servers, but we don’t anticipate any slowness or downtime. We’ll let you know when we’re done!

Update 3 (January 28)

The service is down as of writing this, but it’s relieving that the team is already aware and looking into the issue. Here’s what they have to say:

We’re aware of server issues and are looking into it! Please stand by.

Update 4 (January 28)

The glitch has been addressed.

Looks like we’re back! However, issues may continue until we’ve figured out what just made the database unhappy. Will let you know! Happy bedtime reading / good morning / do your homework / have a splendid day!

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