[Update: Jan. 15] Xiaomi MIUI 13 update tracker: Early info we know so far


NOTICE: We have listed all MIUI 13 eligible smartphones from Xiaomi under the Mi, Redmi, and Poco branding that may receive the MIUI 13 update. Check out the list here.

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Original story (published on September 25, 2020) follows:

Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 has been steadily rolling out to eligible devices over the past few months and we have a well-maintained dedicated tracker to keep tabs on that.

In the spirit of looking out for the next big thing, this post is dedicated to keeping track of all the early MIUI 13 details we know so far.


MIUI 12 brought with it countless improvements to eligible Xiaomi devices. Some key user-facing changes include a redesigned notification shade and the adoption of a new iOS-inspired Control Center.

Privacy also took center-stage with countless tools included, all aimed at putting the user in firm control of their data. For a list of all the changes that MIUI 12 brought to devices, check out the MIUI 12 Changelog.

Ideally, MIUI 13 is set to further improve these features and bring even more user-centered features. While it is still pretty early to say definitively which features will be coming, here’s what we know about the MIUI 13 update.

Update 1 (April 29)

Having just unveiled MIUI 12, it turns out that Xiaomi already had an eye on the future, with reports revealing that the Chinese tech giant has an ongoing survey aimed at getting ideas from users on some of the features they would like to see in MIUI 13 update.

More on this story here.

Update 2 (May 29)

The Pocophone F1 (Poco F1) remains a rather popular device among gamers and enthusiasts. And device owners would definitely want to know if the next update to MIUI 13 will make it to this handset.

Well, if interested to know, there is more on that in this post.

Update 3 (July 7)

An app has recently surfaced on the Google Play Store named MIUI 13 Update Download. Please note that this is not an official Xiaomi app and as such, it is fake.


It is also unclear what exactly this app does, seeing as we’re many months away from any form of MIUI 13 build, let alone a download. More on this in our coverage here.

Update 4 (September 18)

We could soon be bidding farewell to the good old MIUI Power Menu as it is set to pave way for a new Shutdown animation in the upcoming MIUI 13 build.


We have more on this new animation and shutdown screen in our coverage here.

Update 5 (September 25)

IST 05:40 pm: A new video shared on the MIUI 12 official community on Telegram appears to show off the Power Menu design that’s allegedly part of MIUI 13. It resembles the screenshots we’ve shared above.

IST 05:45 pm: In the second round of the Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A session, Xiaomi claims that it plans to allow users to develop custom Super Wallpapers. Further, it may even allow users to turn off and on their phone with eye moments and the Health app may also offer ‘blood tests‘. More details here.

IST 05:47 pm: Once again, with the second round of the Mi Engineer Face to Face Q&A, Xiaomi engineers shed some light on MIUI 13 stating that it is under development and MIUI engineers are focusing on optimizing the animations to run more smoothly. More on that here.

Update 6 (September 29)

IST 12:00 pm: While the release of MIUI 13 is still several months away, we have a rough idea about when the company may unveil its next skin over Android-based on past trends. To know more, head here.

Update 7 (September 30)

IST 03:51 pm: As it turns out, the alleged MIUI 13 ‘Power Menu’ video has been claimed to be “nothing more than a scam“, according to a recent post on the Mi community. Check out the details here.

IST 06:42 pm: A Mi community moderator responded to a user’s query regarding MIUI 13 by stating that “We will find out more about it later next year.” This means that we will have to wait a few months before any official statement pops up.



Update 8 (October 12)

IST 07:35 pm: While the development of MIUI 13 may still be in its early stages, there are a few new features that we may see arrive alongside the next MIUI version.

It’s expected that we will see new animations, theme designs, improved gestures, native screen recording, enhanced Always on Display, new filters for photos and videos, improved power-saving mode, enhanced notification management, and more.


Update 9 (October 13)

IST 04:35 pm: It has now come to light through a leak that some new MIUI 13 AI call recording features have been certified by the CNIPA. These include speech-to-text conversion & more. For details, check out our detailed news coverage.


Update 10 (October 23)

IST 04:47 pm: New developments suggest that Xiaomi may add a customizable Vibration Intensity feature alongside the MIUI 13 update. Of course, this information does not come via an official statement and is rather a speculation on our part. More details here.


Update 11 (October 26)

IST 04:20 pm: An unofficial Xiaomi update policy is doing the rounds now which shows the path takes to update its smartphones. The policy shows the number of Android and MIUI updates different series get. Check it out here.


Update 12 (October 30)

IST 06:30 pm: Xiaomi is all set for its Mi Developer Conference (MIDC) from November 5 to November 7. This has led some to speculate that the company could unveil its next skin over Android — MIUI 13. Check out all the details here.


Update 13 (November 03)

IST 06:11 pm: New developments suggest that Xiaomi has tweaked its MIUI 12 beta update release timeline which affects the release nightly and public beta builds. It’s likely that the changes will affect MIUI 13 builds in the future too. Full story here.


Update 14 (November 20)

IST 04:20 pm: According to a Mi Community mod, Xiaomi will present MIUI 13 in the second quarter of 2021. However, the info must be taken with a grain of salt since moderators aren’t employees of the company and thus aren’t privy to inside info. Full coverage here.


Update 15 (December 11)

IST 11:15 am: It appears Xiaomi would first roll out the MIUI 12.5 update to users before it unveils MIUI 13 later next year. Head here to know more about the matter.


Update 16 (January 15, 2021)

12:29 pm (IST): Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 and Mi Note 11 have been spotted on the official HTML source code with MIUI 13 as the software running the show out of the box.


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