[Update: Jan 15] iPhone users on iOS 14 reporting missing push notifications (no notification alerts) & here’re some potential solutions


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Original story (from November 17) follows:

Several users have taken to the Apple forums complaining about receiving no notifications or alerts on iOS 14. The cause behind the problem is still unclear at this point.

But something is clearly broken given the large number of complaints, and a few of them are given below:

I am having the same issue and also not receiving notifications for other email apps as well as social media. Thought it may be an app needs to be updated issue but that doesn’t seem to have worked either. I am missing critical emails that require immediate response.

with the 14 update i am not receiving text notifications at all (ie: nobanner on lock screen, no ding in the earpiece, no notification on the bluetooth). This is a problem as i use this phone for business and MUST be able to get my notifications at all times. APPLE… PLEASE FIX ASAP

The issue does seem pretty widespread at this point and is being faced by users across several iPhone models. The bug also doesn’t seem to behave universally for everyone.

Some users say that they are getting notifications but missing banners. Others say that they only don’t see them on lock screen. Yet many others say that they are not receiving any notifications whatsoever.

There are also a few reports wherein users say that they receive notifications fine while inside of the respective app. But the notifications stop as soon as they exit.


The recently released iPhone 12 Pro

Now, a universal culprit for the same seems unlikely given the huge variations in complaints. However, there is a possible fix doing rounds on the forums that has worked for many. You may try your luck as well.

So far, the only fix is to turn off Bluetooth on my phone. In other words, when Bluetooth is enabled, I don’t receive any notifications on my iPhone when locked. When I disable Bluetooth, the notifications appear on my lock screen as expected.

My Apple Watch and iPhone 11 pro max appear to work as they are supposed to except when I am on Bluetooth then neither device alerts me when I have a text. Also when my MacBook is open I do not get a text alert. I have tried so many different things that have been suggested that I am just hoping the next release fixes the problem and I hope they realize it is tied to Bluetooth in addition to what other problems there are.

As apparent from above, many users report that turning off Bluetooth fixed the issue for them. But it’s obviously not the perfect solution as something clearly seems broken.

If turning off Bluetooth did not work for you, then worry not, for we got other workarounds as well.

Other workarounds for no notifications on iOS 14 issue

1. Show on lock screen setting: If you keep missing notifications on your lock screen, then make sure that the “Show on Lock Screen” setting is toggled on. You can find the same under Settings > Notifications > Messages.

2. CarPlay settings:


Not sure about everyone else, but I had this same exact issue. This is what I finally figured out. Even though my car was not on, this setting was causing my issue. Head over to Settings > Notifications > Messages and turn off ‘Show in CarPlay’. Once I turned that setting off, my notifications started working again.

3. Change banner style:

I went into settings, notifications, messages, and changed the Banner style to persistent and added repeat alerts twice as an added reminder. Notifications for text seem okay now.

4. Turn off “Hide alerts”: If you are not receiving messages from certain contacts, then head over to the Messages app and make sure that the “Hide alerts” settings is turned off for the contact in question.

And that’s all for now. Let us know in the comments below if the above workarounds did the job for the no notifications on iOS 14 issue for you. Also let us know about any other fixes you have in mind.

Update 1 (November 23)

IST 01:00 pm: User reports indicate that this issue is still not fixed in the new iOS 14.2.1 update. Here’s a comment from a user regarding this:

So we’re all clear, the 14.2.1 fix was for text messages not being received at all. It was not addressing the absent text alert/notifications bug of not knowing you have a new text. I had this bug with my IPhone-X when I upgraded to IOS 14. I now have an iPhone-12 Pro Max with 14.2.1 and the bug remains

Are you noticing the issue on iOS 14.2.1 update? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, you can head to our iOS 14 bugs tracker to get info on what all issues are plaguing Apple’s latest OS upgrade.

Update 2 (November 25)

IST 01:45 pm: While there is no official word on the matter as yet, user conversation at the community conveys the problem in question could be a known one. Take a look at what those who got in touch with the support have shared:

Apple chat support said engineers are aware. I have a call with Apple support tomorrow night. This needs to be addressed immediately.

The guy over the phone had me share the screen, ran some tests and had me asking me friends to text so we could replicate the issue and for hiM to make notes on it as well as uploading the log. Supposedly it is a known issue, and he will call me tomorrow to follow up on it.

That said, a few more workarounds have caught our sight, like disable both the Airplane mode and Do not disturb (DND) for about 10 seconds and then re-enable them again. Others have been explained below:

So far for me the only way to get my message app notifications to work consistently is to totally close the message app every time you send a text back or you’re not using it. As soon as I open it and leave it open, is when I stop getting those notifications.

Yes if u have the watch rest and snc again new SW save battery so if u r wearing ur watch notifications will appear if not u will receive it normally.

Update 2 (November 28)

We found a couple of more workarounds that have worked for individual users:

I found that if the VoLTE is turned on, I no longer get my sound notification. I turned this off and it seemed to fix the problem. Settings/cellular/cellular data options/voice & data/VoLTE, turn this off.

The only thing that has worked for me is to close out of the messaging app and then it does notify me of an incoming text when locked.

Update 3 (November 30)

IST 10:45am: Formatting the device worked for at least one user, and another user confirmed Apple Support asked them to do the same, saying “it’s something in the restore causing the problems.”

Here are their respective comments:

So guys.. I fed up w this diy troubleshooting. I have called apple support for so many times and I insist that they booked me a service appointment at nearest service centre.

I went there and they tried again every troubleshoots I have tried, no avail. Last resort is to format the phone and it fixed. They even wanna charge me 50bucks for a format of a brand new phone’s. Well, I 99% believe most of you have the same notif issue as I was.

So, go here guys. Settings > General >Reset > Erase all content & settings. (Not network, not all settings but also with the contents) Set up as new phone. Note that you will lost all data. Yes, you have the options to restore but the notification culprit is the data from your previous/old phone.

The catch is to let go of your old data.

So, assuming u okay with these, right after setting up, don’t opt for the restore/any data retrieving from backup. Install IG and go ahead. Worked for me. Hopefully’ll work for u guys too. I did have a problem though after the fix. My Find My wasn’t locating my friends. “Locations not found”. Anyway, goodluck

Thanks for this. I’ve just finished a chat enquiring about my case from 2 weeks ago, and was told the same thing. It’s not a hardware fault, it’s something in the restore causing the problems. I’ve also been advised to completely wipe the phone and set it up manually from new. At least if it worked for you, there hope that spending the time doing all this will cure all of the issues. I’ve got the Lidar issue too, where I can’t measure a persons height. I’m fed up with having to keep checking the phone for mail etc so I’m going to reset the phone a little later on. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Update 4 (December 01)

Multiple users are confirming the issue is fixed for them on the iOS 14.3 build. Here are some of their comments:

I also have had no missed texts since I downloaded the 14.3 public beta,, did a hard reboot, and reset network settings. Been 5 days now so I am pretty optimistic that this is at last solved……..

Sign up for Apple’s Beta program, then search for 14.3 and download, it completely fixed my issues

I installed 14.2.1 on my iPhone 12, and t didn’t solve the problem. I then installed the 14.3 beta, and the problem was solved. It otherwise is working 100% with the beta too.

Just reposting what I and some other users believe is a fix:

I also have had no missed texts since I downloaded the 14.3 public beta,, did a hard reboot, and reset network settings. Been 5 days now so I am pretty optimistic that this is at last solved……..

I haven’t seen anyone report having more problems after installing 14.3 — the hard reboot and reset network settings probably isn’t necessary, but obviously can’t hurt…………………..


Update 5 (December 02)

While we’ve already highlighted the ‘no notifications’ problem, coming to light is another use-case, which is being encountered by the some of those facing the notifications issue.

As per reports, the messages/texts are automatically being read by the system without device users realizing they ever received one. Here’s a screengrab of some of the recent reports:


Source: Twitter

Update 6 (December 03)

IST 11:00AM: A Verizon user who got on touch with the carrier support over this issue was told that the problem is at Apple’s end. They were also asked to install the Verizon text messaging app, something which the user said actually fixed the issue for them (and proved that the issue needs to be resolved by Apple).

Here’s the user’s comment:

Trust me on this one, totally not Verizon. I have spent hours on with both of them. Finally Verizon gave me a work around and a way to prove that it is Apple not Verizon. Install the Verizon Message Plus app – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/message/id621469412

It is their texting app, just like your native Apple texting app. It isn’t as nice but it does work, you should be able to group text on it and send media to Android phones. Give it a try. Let me know if it works. Still doesn’t solve the problem with the Apple Texting app which is annoying.

Update 7 (December 04)

IST 11:00AM: Someone who contacted Apple Support over this issue said the support person shared a workaround which has worked so far. Following is their exact comment and the screenshot shows the workaround allegedly given by Apple Support.

Ok, so the apple support people have suggested this to me and so far it is working!! it may of course be random and stop again but thought I’d share so you can try just in case. So far, all coming through


Let us know in comments below if this workaround works for you.

Update 8 (December 05)

IST 12:00PM: Someone posted the following screenshot on the iOSbeta subreddit, indicating Apple is aware of the issue, and is working to fix it.


You can read the complete discussion on Reddit here.

Update 9 (December 06)

IST 12:00PM: We have tried to give any and every important bit of info on the matter so far. If none of the workarounds listed above has worked for you until now, you are encouraged to send a feedback to Apple on this. Head here to do that.

If any other workaround – which isn’t listed here – has worked for you, we’d appreciate if you can explain the steps in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Update 9 (December 10)

IST 02:30 pm: A few more workarounds have surfaced based on the user interactions on Reddit. While resetting the Keyboard Dictionary helped someone, creating a shortcut for the relevant contacts is another way out.

Here’s how the user explained it.

The only reliable workaround I’ve found is creating a Shortcut Automation for some of my important contacts. Just create one based on “When I get a message from X” and you don’t have to set any action. You’ll get a Shortcut notification that “When I get a message from X” automation ran and you’ll know you have a message from them.

Downgrading is also an option, which may not be suitable for all as it may compromise the device’s backup. So to do or not to do, is completely your call.

Update 10 (December 11)

IST 05:11 pm: Apple has released the iOS 14.3 RC update for developers and public beta testers. With it, the company has added a host of new features and has also fixed some bugs and issues.

We’ve shared part of the release notes of iOS 14.3 RC that highlight the fixes that come with the update: (Via)

– Some MMS messages may not be received
– Contact groups failed to display members when composing a message
– Some videos would not appear correctly when shared from the Photos app
– App folders may fail to open
– Spotlight search results, and opening apps from Spotlight may not work

– Bluetooth could be unavailable in Settings
– MagSafe Duo Charger could wirelessly charge your iPhone at less than the maximum power
– Wireless accessories and peripherals using the WAC protocol could fail to complete setup
– The keyboard would dismiss when adding a list in Reminders while using VoiceOver

As you can see, there’s no mention of the push notification error being fixed with the update, however, users can still hope for Apple to fix the problem with the official iOS 14.3 update which is expected to be released on December 14 along with Apple Fitness+.

Update 11 (December 14)

IST 11:00 am: While Apple is yet to fix the notification bug problem, users seem to be finding effective temporary workarounds. We’ve shared two new workarounds below that seem to have fixed the problem for some.

Workaround 1:

I saw on Twitter that someone suggested to disable Apple Watch messages notifications. I did that just now and text alerts are working like normal on my 11 Pro (iOS 14.2) so far. When I turn my MacBook Air on, I’m going to do the same and see if it’s an iCloud issue. (Source)

Workaround 2:

Before you leave your text messaging chat window, always back out to the main chat window so that you don’t leave the chat window open on any one particular contact. It should be left open in the main chat window that lists all of your text messaging conversations. (Source)

Update 12 (December 15)

IST 05:25 pm: Apple has released the iOS 14.3 software update and it appears that missing notification issue has been addressed, at least according to the official changelog.

We’ve shared part of the changelog below which lists all the bugs that have been addressed with this new update.

– Some MMS messages may not be received
– Some Messages notifications may not be received
– Contact groups failed to display members when composing a message
– Some videos would not appear correctly when shared from the Photos app
– App folders may fail to open
– Spotlight search results, and opening apps from Spotlight may not work

– Bluetooth could be unavailable in Settings
– Devices could be prevented from charging wirelessly
– MagSafe Duo Charger could wirelessly charge your iPhone at less than the maximum power
– Wireless accessories and peripherals using the WAC protocol could fail to complete setup
– The keyboard would dismiss when adding a list in Reminders while using VoiceOver

Update 13 (December 17)

IST 12:10 pm: It seems that some iPhone users who installed the iOS 14.3 update are still noticing that some notifications do not show up. This is despite the fact that Apple claims that the issue has been addressed with the new software.

hey just letting you know that even after updating to ios 14.3 I just got another text with no notification 😖 (Source)

Hi @AppleSupport The update to iOS 14.3 did NOT fix the problem of notifications on iphone (Source)

iOS 14.3 came out and I still don’t get iMessage notifications lol @Apple y’all got to fix this smh (Source)

Fortunately, there appears to be a couple of workarounds that fix the issue for some as one user claims that the notification issue disappears after a hard reset while another individual says the problem does not appear after installing iOS 14.3 from scratch.





Update 14 (December 22)

IST 10:25 am: It appears that some users who complained about not receiving notifications on iOS 14 have fixed the problem by simply turning off the Attention Aware feature from the Face ID & Passcode settings page.


iPhone users with having problems of not getting notifications!! Go into settings, click Face ID & Passcode, then turn off attention aware features!! (Source)

if you haven’t been receiving your message alerts, turn off attention aware features in your settings

settings > face ID and passcode > attention aware features (Source)

guys if you’re not getting message notifications go to settings > face id + passcode > and turn off attention aware features. it lowers your alert sounds when it thinks you’re looking at your phone even if you arent. (Source)

Update 15 (December 25)

Quite a few users are seemingly unaware that notifications on the iPhone behave differently when the device is connected to an accessory like the Apple Watch.

Hence it is important to mention here that notifications won’t ring on the iPhone while it is connected to the Apple Watch and locked. But if the iPhone is unlocked and in use, notifications will behave like they normally would.

This is only the default behavior though and can be customized according to the user’s liking. More more info, check this official support article.

Again, the above is not valid for everyone as there are plenty of other users not getting notification alerts while using the phone too. But this point was still important enough to deserve clarification.

Update 16 (December 30)

While someone says removing the mobile number from their Google account (Gmail and its account recovery settings) helped them, turning off iMessage followed by rebooting the phone and re-enabling them resolved the issue for another person.

Adding another workaround to the list of possible solutions, someone shared that suspending the line and reactivating it fixed the issue on their unit. You can also give these workarounds a try and see which one works for you.

Update 17 (January 07, 2021)

A Twitter interaction between staff writers of reputed publications like The Atlantic and The Verge again confirms this issue is quite widespread.


You can check out other replies on this thread by heading here.

Update 18 (January 12, 2021)

Another day, another workaround for this infamous issue. A Twitter user recently tipped us with a new one that has worked for some users and you are free to give it a go.

Update 19 (January 15, 2021)

As per one of the affected users, uninstalling the concerned apps (like Signal and Telegram in their case) and re-installing them again, resolved the issue for them. Another user says that accessing the apps from a different iPhone helped them.

Here’s how they explain the usecase:

Try opening each app on your new phone and logging in. Then reset Bluetooth connection a couple of times. Then restart your Iphone once or twice.

Here’s why that fixes some notification problems: your new Iphone is NOT automatically connecting to the apps with your log-in info (some of them accept face recognition so you have to go thru the steps on each app). You can see the apps and see the settings, but you can’t tell they are NOT logged in on your new phone. Turning Bluetooth on & off and restart just clears out old settings.

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