Some Google Home app users on iPhone/iPad unable to change night mode time

Several users have been unable to adjust time settings for night mode schedule on the Google Home iOS app following a bad update. Subsequently, the night mode is now stuck on default timings for many.

This has resulted in several Nest gadgets being not too sleep-friendly anymore. They now switch to the ‘day mode’ during unsuitable timings and cause various disturbances through high brightness levels and loud alerts.

Just installed and set up Nest Wifi, same issue with IOS app. The keyboard does not pop up to be able to edit the night mode times. Feedback sent.

I’m having the same issue here. Click the pencil to change the night mode times and all it does is pops up a display box of the time but you cannot change it. 22:00 is too late for me as I don’t want the Google hub yelling at me that the lights are off at 20:00 when my kids are asleep.

As apparent from the above comments, upon clicking the edit icon, a small dialog box does pop that displays the time. However, it can’t really be adjusted as that requires input, and the keyboard for some reason doesn’t show up to allow to do that.

Again, users have stated that they weren’t facing this issue prior to November and from this, it is safe to assume that the culprit behind it all is indeed a bad update to the Google Home app on iOS.

But iPhone users are not the only ones experiencing such issues as there are a couple of reports from team iPad as well.


The keyboard simply refuses to pop up here

For now, there isn’t really much that can be done about the night mode time issue on the Google Home app apart from waiting for a bug-fixing update.

You can also head over to this link and follow the directions given to drop some feedback thus ensuring that Google is made aware of the issue.

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