Several Chromecast with Google TV users experiencing 5.1 surround sound & Disney+ Dolby Atmos issues


The Chromecast has long been one of the most inexpensive ways to add media streaming functionality to almost every TV. And in the device’s latest edition, Google has put in an operating system of sorts known as Google TV.

That said, the Chromecast with Google TV has not exactly been shy of issues. This is apparent from our previous coverages about the audio sync bug, Wi-Fi problems, and the missing tabs issue.

Got the new chromecast with google tv. Atmos works well in netflix but disney plus doesn’t have the option listed in any movies. Does d+ support atmos through android tv platform?

Is anyone else having a problem with the new Chromecast with Google TV to output 5.1 in general? No matter what settings on my TV, Chromecast, etc. are or if I’m casting or watching from the apps on the device, it only outputs in stereo.

And now, there is a fresh issue creating a buzz across the Chromecast forums. Several users report that their devices are having trouble with Dolby Atmos when playing media through Disney+.

Content played via the streaming service fails to play with Dolby Atmos optimizations and instead outputs audio through the regular 2-channel stereo mode.

This occurs even when playing content that actually supports Atmos. Moreover, Disney+ seems to be the only victim as other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to function normally on Chromecast.

Hence, this has led a Product Expert to conclude that the problem is actually from Disney’s side and not Google’s, which is quite contrary to what most people on the thread have implied.

Not every Chromecast user is facing the issue on Disney+ alone as there are quite a few reports that suggest otherwise.

Several users have reported that Dolby’s 5.1 surround sound does not work on any app they try be it Amazon, Netflix, or Disney+.

Such complaints are far fewer in number though as the vast majority continues to face the issue solely on Disney’s streaming app.

As of now, there is no official acknowledgment from Google about the same but we are hopeful that the company will do so soon given the large number of complaints from frustrated users.

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019 edition)

It’s also important to mention here that users are facing the exact set of issues with their NVIDIA Shield TV but with a slight twist – their troubles are limited to HBO Max instead of Disney+.

While there isn’t enough evidence to point towards the implication that there’s a relation between the issues, it isn’t exactly unlikely.

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