Samsung Offline finding (Find My Mobile) notifications bothering users, but there’s a workaround

Last year, Samsung started rolling out a new feature to the Find My Mobile application dubbed ‘Offline finding’.

As the name suggests, the feature lets users find their lost/misplaced phones and tablets even when the devices are not connected to the internet.


With this, users will be able to use other supported Galaxy devices to find their phone or tablet. It is especially useful for those who travel a lot and do not keep cellular data on at all times.

That said, Galaxy device owners are required to toggle on offline finding manually since the feature is off by default.

Samsung reminds users to toggle on offline finding via push notifications. This has been the case since the company first started rolling out the feature to its devices.


However, it appears that the company has gone overboard with the number of push notifications it’s sending in the past few days.

Many users have taken to social platforms such as Reddit and Twitter and have even created threads on the company’s community forums asking Samsung to stop with the bothersome offline finding notifications.

We’ve shared some complaints for reference below:



For the past few days, my phone is constantly nagging me to turn on Offline Finding. I do not want to turn on Offline Finding, but every time I dismiss the notification, it just comes back like an hour later. How do I get it to stop nagging me? (Source)

Hey @SamsungMobile find my mobile is spamming my phone non stop, please turn it off! (Source)

Seems to know when you’re using your phone as well. I was harassed by it yesterday, then nothing overnight and as soon as I unlocked my phone this morning, bam, WOULD YOU LIKE TO TURN ON OFFLINE FINDING?!?! (Source)

As you can tell, some users have just about had it with Samsung thanks to the bombardment of push notifications asking them to turn on offline finding in the Find My Mobile app.

Some claim that the notification keeps popping up after ever every hour or so. Of course, this can be highly distracting and annoying at the same time.

Fortunately, there’s one thing you can do to stop the pesky offline finding notifications from the Find My Mobile app on your Samsung device as pointed out by an individual.

– Open “Find my Mobile”
– In the top right select the three dots and then select “Notifications”
– In this screen turn off the option for “new features”


Quite simple, isn’t it? Doing this should stop the offline finding push notifications for good on your device. However, do note that you won’t get notifications for other new features as well.

This isn’t the first time Find My Mobile has been bothering users with notifications. Early last year, users were greeted with a mysterious notification from the app due to a technical error.

That being said, do let us know if the quick workaround helped solve the problem for you in the comments section below.

In the meantime, you can also check out our dedicated tracker to know the status of the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update for your device.

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