[Poll] Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11 update: Are you liking the new OS?


The Android One program constitutes a family of Android smartphones promoted by Google.

In comparison to many other Android skins like One UI and MIUI which ship with a manufacturer’s customized user interface and possible bloatware, these phones run near-stock versions of Android with a focus on Google services.

The program was launched with an aim to facilitate quick updates and to bring a solid and stable version of Android to even budget devices.


However, this set of promises is exactly where the Android One program has fallen short, at least for the Mi A3.

Following an extended period of beta testing, Xiaomi released the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 on the final day of last year. But the OS was quickly pulled due to a major bug.

The update virtually rendered several devices useless. This is because several devices got bricked immediately after updating.

It is laughable how an OEM as large as Xiaomi could let such a huge, harmful issue seep through their software testing, but hey, at least they halted the rollout quickly enough.

Mi A3

And no, such a situation isn’t something novel as Xiaomi had previously botched their Android 10 updates as well and was forced to halt several consecutive releases over and over again.

Not long after, Xiaomi re-released a newer Android 11 build for the Mi A3. And while there have been cases of the usual bugs that follow a major OS update, the Mi A3 camp has been unusually quiet.

Typically, the Mi A series has often been marred with chaos days or weeks after any major OS update, where users are always raging and ranting on various platforms about bugs in the software.

But after the re-released Mi A3 Android 11 update, there seems to be some general stillness across the camp which suggests that device owners who switched to the OS are now finally satisfied with the state of the firmware.

Android 11 filler

Moreover, after a very major bug like the aforementioned that bricked many devices, users are usually skeptical about switching over to a new update even after subsequent releases that claim to address such issues.

This is only plausible though. After all, why would anyone want to take the slightest amount of risk with an update that has even a teeny-tiny chance of turning the device into a brick…among other things?

With that said, the big question is whether you truly have satisfactorily settled with the Android 11 update for the Mi A3 once and for all? Or are there still are a couple of issues that is making you regret your decision?

Or are you one of the users that are still holding on to Android 10 after the bricking fiasco, and waiting to see what unravels this time?

You can either drop a comment in the section at the end of this article, cast your vote on the Twitter poll above, or do both, as per your convenience. And as always, the poll results will be out by next week.

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