NVIDIA Shield TV bugs & issues tracker: Here’s the current status


This article is being continuously updated, with new updates being added at the bottom of the story (and in the table).

When it comes to set-top boxes that run on the Android TV OS, there’s a huge variety to choose from. But one of them, namely the NVIDIA Shield TV series, simply outshines the competition.

The series stands out like a sore thumb…but in a positive way. Most of this can be attributed to the fact that the Shield uses ultra-fast processors developed by NVIDIA themselves.

nvidia shield

For example, the company’s latest offering dubbed as the NVIDIA Shield Pro 2019 makes use of the NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor. This bad boy is capable of running AAA gaming titles like Just Cause and BioShock, and much more.

Apart from the gaming factor, the Shield also offers Dolby Vision & Atmos, AI Upscaling, and 4K HDR10 support, among other goodies.

And then there are the looks. They are eye-catching, to say the least, and manage to strike a perfect chord between being visually appealing for gamers as well as for regular users.


Simply put, the design is pretty bold yet minimalist enough at the same time. Sure, the sleekness of an Apple TV is nowhere to be seen, but it is pretty obvious that NVIDIA had a pretty different target audience in mind.

That said, the Shield TV, just like any other electronic device, does not come without a set of issues. After all, just like mistakes make us human, bugs make machine.

Hence, we have decided to keep track of all the bugs and issues that pop up every now and then on the various NVIDIA Shield TV models – be it the 2019, 2017, or even the 2015 releases.

Such bugs and issues would be tracked in the article and their status will be updated continuously in order to keep you informed. We also have a table dedicated to the same at the bottom of the article.

Affected model Bug/issue description Status
NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 Wrong colors in Dolby Vision Unacknowledged
NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 Remote IR battery draining issue Possibly fixed
NVIDIA Shield TV Alexa Skills not working for new users Fix incoming
NVIDIA Shield TV 2015, 2017, 2019 Slow connection issue on Plex Workarounds
NVIDIA Shield TV Plex keeps showing notifications for most recently played title Workarounds

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NVIDIA Shield TV bugs & issues tracker

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