Google Nest Thermostat Energy History data not updating for the past few days, company aware & working on fix


It’s the era of smart homes and Google is no stranger when it comes to products associated with the technology. From the Home lineup to Nest gadgets, the company has built a robust ecosystem that has grown quite large in recent years.

However, just like any other smart device involving the use of complex software, bugs are inevitable. Recently, since January 19 as per many, the Google Nest Thermostat energy history data has stopped updating.

Multiple users are reporting that Energy History is not working in apps and on web. My iOS history has not updated in 2 days. On the web, I see no history at all – just a “Come back tomorrow…” message.

Huh… Has anybody else noticed their energy history hasn’t updated in three days? This seems like a new bug…

As apparent from the above comments, energy history has stopped showing up mysteriously for a bunch of users following which there has been a slew of complaints across Google forums and Reddit.

The issue appears to be at the server’s end as the Google Nest app is working unexpectedly across all platforms be it on Android, iOS, or even the website.

Upon trying to access the history, users run into a slab of missing information or get greeted with a “Come back tomorrow to see what your thermostat has been up to” message.

Moreover, users have already tried all workarounds at hand like resetting the thermostat, resetting network, restarting Nest, and checking for app updates – all of it to no avail.

Thereafter, a user took to Twitter to which Google responded that they’re aware of the issue and are already working on a fix.

Cool. Rest assured we’re working on a fix for better experience. We appreciate your understanding ― take care.

While they didn’t really provide much information about the problem and the reason behind it all, it still is reassuring that they’re at least working on this crucial bug. Hence, a fix should roll out soon enough.

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