Google Assistant’s beeping/vibration alert to indicate it heard “Hey Google” hotword apparently removed, as per some users


There have been reports circulating around for a while now about Google Assistant failing to ring the beeping-cum-vibration alert that indicates it heard the “Hey Google” hotword.

This is extremely counter-intuitive for most as it makes it harder to know if Google Assistant has indeed detected a user’s prompt. As a result, several long time Google Assistant users have taken to the forums to vent their frustration.

Google Assistant/Voice no longer gives an audible notification or vibration to indicate it successfully recognized “OK Google” or “Hey google” on my Samsung S9, OR on my coworker’s Samsung S9 either. Until the latest Assistant updatr it worked fine. Clearing CACHE and data for Google, and all google apps, has NO EFFECT.

When saying ok google on my s10 plus it made a ding sound to let you know it has opened and is ready for your question. I cant figure out how to turn on the ding sound. I can get google assistant to open with ok or hey google but no sound. Anyone know how?

The issue is truly linked to a possible bug in the Google app as it isn’t limited to just a single or even a couple of devices. Rather, complaints have originated from devices from OnePlus, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and more.

A go-to method to work around the issue was present previously and is hence the first thing you need to try if facing this bug.

However, the above isn’t working anymore for most users which has led many to suspect that Google has actually done away with the beloved beeping alert on its Assistant.

And this does seem to be the case if the following comment is to go by.

Just a heads up that I did the request assistance thing on my Pixel 4a and talked to a Google engineer about the removal of the sound notification from the assistant. He said this was done because of customer feedback from people who did not like the sound, and that they were trying to streamline the software experience whatever that means. He said that if I wanted the feature added back in to email them a request.

Oddly though, a Product Expert has ‘escalated’ the issue to the Google team even after its alleged removal. This raises the question of whether the feature is slated to make a comeback.

It’s too early to say for sure if that’s the case but hey, at least there is finally some progress on the matter. For now, one can only hope for the issue to get fixed as soon as possible if there indeed is one.

Or you can submit feedback through the Google app by heading over to More > Send feedback requesting a reversal for the Google Assistant’s beeping alert removal if it truly was binned.

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