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Original story (published on October 29, 2020) follows:

Earlier this month, we saw OnePlus officially unveil the OnePlus 8T. The device sports the very latest internals; Snapdragon 865, 8-12GB RAM, and a massive 4500mAh battery. A true 2020 flagship!

It also solidifies OnePlus’ departure from the mid-range market segment as this device is aimed at the big dogs in the industry.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T runs Android 11-based OxygenOS 11 out of the box. There’s been a lot of debate surrounding this new skin and its departure from stock Android look and feel, more on that here.

As new and exciting as the OnePlus 8T is, there is no such thing as perfect software and therefore, there are bound to be a few issues with the device.

And yes, there have been a few bugs reported by users of the OnePlus 8T. In this post, we shall dig a little deeper and highlight some of the issues we came across.

A section of OnePlus 8T users (1,2,3) have been reporting issues with the device’s in-display fingerprint scanner.

According to them, the device fails to register fingerprints, saying that the fingerprint sensor is dirty. This, despite there not being any dirt, marks, or damage to the fingerprint area.

This means that users have been unable to get the fingerprints registered on their devices and when they do, it fails to authenticate properly.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this bug and update as and when we get communication from OnePlus so stay tuned.

Another issue being reported by users of the OnePlus 8T is a little direr. According to users, the device does not lock, even with passwords and biometric authentication options enrolled.

i have added fingerprint+pin lock, But my phone is not locked ;it can unlocked by anyone without any security. just swip up any my phone is unlocked .


This issue has been reported by users of the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 Pro as well.

A OnePlus Staff Member has since notified affected users that the issue is being looked into.

Our developer team has worked on this and we are glad to inform you that this issue would be resolved in the upcoming build versions. In case of any queries, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Another issue facing users of the OnePlus 8T has to do with the company’s own OnePlus Account system.

According to a number of users, they get an error message whenever they try to register their phone numbers.

I have been facing an issue in your Red Cable Club that my Phone no. is already registered but as I told you earlier I’m a new customer. So please help me getting a solution to my problem.

A OnePlus Staff Member has since notified affected users that the issue is being worked on by the developers.

We have made a note of this and our developer team is currently working on this. We will keep you posted regarding the further updates. We appreciate your support and patience in this regard.

Another bizarre issue has to do with the OnePlus 8T camera. According to users, the device tends to take black and white photos in portrait mode.

oneplus 8t portrait camera black and white

Hello I have OnePlus 8t Whenever I am taking photos in portrait mode it makes the photo black-grey ish type Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

These are not the only issues that have been reported. We shall be continuously updating this post with more reports as they become available to us so stay tuned.

Update 1 (October 29)

IST 07:55 pm: OnePlus has rolled out a new update as version for the OnePlus 8T which brings along several new several bug fixes and optimizations for reducing heat generation and system power consumption, Bluetooth connection, and more. See all the details here.

Update 2 (October 30)

IST 07:05 pm: Apparently, several users with devices running on OxygenOS 11 including the OnePlus 8T have reported that they aren’t able to download apps that weigh over 100 MB in size. Full story here.

Update 3 (November 02)

IST 01:00 pm: A OnePlus staff has confirmed that the company is working to resolve a OnePlus 8T issue where-in despite being on a 5G supported carrier in a supported area, the option to toggle to 5G is unavailable. More details here.

Update 4 (November 03)

IST 11:12 am: Responding to a user’s query regarding the Fingerprint scanner issue on the OnePlus 8T, a Staff Member on the company’s community forum stated that the developer team is currently working on a fix for the issue.

Here’s the entire comment from the OnePlus Staff Member:

We have made a note of this and our developer team is currently working on this. We will keep you posted regarding the further updates. We appreciate your support and patience in this regard. (Source)

IST 07:31 pm: The bug/glitch which prevented T-Mobile OnePlus 8T users from unlocking their device’s bootloader seems to have been fixed according to a new report.

Update 5 (November 04)

IST 03:29 pm: Many OnePlus 8T users have noticed that the Bitmoji Always on Display option isn’t available on the device. OnePlus seems to have confirmed that the option isn’t preloaded. Thus, it may be available via an upcoming OTA update. Read the full story here.

Update 6 (November 06)

IST 12:08 pm: The latest update for the OnePlus 8T has enabled three rows in the notification panel. This was highly requested by users and the same can be expected on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro soon. More details here.

IST 12:12 pm: A OnePlus Community Expert has also claimed that the Always on Display feature will get Bitmoji support on the OnePlus 8T via a forthcoming software update. Head here to know more.

IST 01:16 pm: Some OnePlus 8T users are reporting that they are encountering an “Initialization failed” error when setting up Parallel Apps on their devices. It seems OnePlus is aware of the issue and is working on a fix for it. Full story here.

IST 02:21 pm: Users are now reporting that they aren’t able to download Amazon Prime videos on their devices. Apparently, the issue will be fixed soon according to a OnePlus staff member. Head here for more details.

Update 6 (November 07)

IST 02:40 pm: User with devices running on OxygenOS 11 are reporting that the gesture navigation function stops working or lags at random. Apparently, the issue has been raised with the developers and thus a fix may be out soon. Full story here.

Update 7 (November 10)

IST 10:05 am: Apparently, OnePlus 8T users aren’t able to take advantage of the high refresh rate display while playing PUBG Mobile since 90fps support is missing. It’s likely that 90fps support will be enabled via the next PUBG Mobile update. More details here.

Update 8 (November 11)

IST 12:05 pm: Due to the missing OnePlus Lab on the OnePlus 8T, users do not have the option to turn on DC dimming on the device. It’s possible that the feature may be added in future updates and there’s a workaround that you can try out for now. Head here to know more.

IST 02:52 pm: OnePlus has addressed some of the most common issues encountered by users on OnePlus devices running on Android 11 and Android 10. You can check out all the details here.

Update 9 (November 12)

IST 03:55 pm: Users with T-Mobile variants of the OnePlus 8T can get the call recording feature working on their devices through a quick and easy workaround.

Those who have OnePlus 8T devices with the Google Phone app installed can also get the feature, however, root access is required. Full details here.

Update 10 (November 16)

IST 04:25 pm: OnePlus 8T users along with OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users are noticing a pinkish tint while using the Nightscape option to click pictures. Fortunately, it seems that the company is already aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Full story here.

Update 11 (November 17)

IST 04:28 pm: OnePlus began rolling out the OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8T a few days ago in India. The update brings several bug-fixes and optimizations with it. Check out the complete changelog below:

– Optimized the call stability
– Improved system power consumption performance to reduce heating
– Improved mis-touch prevention to offer better gaming experience
– Optimized fluidity with some mainstream games to reduce lagging risks
– Optimized user experience with Alert Slider by adding toast messages when switching among the 3 modes
– Fixed the issue that the status bar kept hovering on the screen in landscape mode
– Fixed the issue that NFC cannot be turned on in a small probability

– Optimized the imaging effect to bring you with better shooting experience
– Improved camera stability
– Optimized mobile network connection to improve the network intensity with signal
– Fixed the small probability issue with network interruption while playing games

A user from India also shared a screenshot of the new update.



Update 12 (November 18)

IST 12:55 pm: OnePlus 8T users are reporting that they are experiencing touch lag issues in some areas of the screen, particularly the bottom edge. OnePlus has provided some troubleshooting steps to deal with touchscreen issues. Full story here.

Update 13 (November 19)

IST 04:45 pm: T-Mobile OnePlus 8T users who wish to convert their device software to that of other variants for any number of reasons can now do so. Head here for a detailed guide.

Update 14 (November 20)

IST 02:30 pm: In its latest FAQ session, OnePlus has shed some light on certain bugs and issues on the OnePlus 8T including the Gallery app issue that has now been fixed. Head here to know more.

IST 06:10 pm: OnePlus is now recruiting OnePlus 8T users for the HydrogenOS 11 internal beta in China. This hints towards the possibility that the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta for the OnePlus 8T might kick-start soon.

If so, it’s likely that OnePlus will begin fixing all the bugs and issues found on the OnePlus 8T via feedback from beta testers. Head here to know more.

Update 15 (November 21)

IST 04:45 pm: OnePlus 8T users are reporting that their devices have begun lagging and the system UI keeps crashing at random. Fortunately, OnePlus seems to be aware of the issue and would release a fix via upcoming updates. More details here.

Update 16 (November 23)

IST 11:55 am: Several OnePlus 8T users are reporting that the OnePlus Diagnostic app is not showing the correct battery health status. Head here to know why this might be the case.

IST 12:35 pm: T-Mobile OnePlus 8T users who are encountering crashes and reboots when launching the camera application on the device may find some solace in knowing that the company is aware of the issue and it will be fixed soon. More on this here.

IST 03:05 pm: OnePlus has begun rolling out the OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8T in India. It brings a few fixes and improvements to the device and even optimizes the system stability as mentioned in the changelog.

OxygenOS changelog:

– Increased the success rate when registering fingerprint and improved experience
– Optimized the media file scanning feature to make searching faster
– Further optimized system power consumption and increase battery life
– Fixed the issue that the app cache has not been deleted correctly after the app uninstalled
– Fixed the issue that the screen may flash when using fingerprint unlock
– Optimized system performance and improve stability

– Optimized camera white balance and improved imaging quality

– Continuously optimize network connection stability and improved gaming experience
– Improve the stability of video calls

According to the announcement post, the update will begin rolling out in Europe and North America soon.

IST 04:35 pm: Some OnePlus 8T and even OnePlus 8 series users are experiencing various issues with the Visual comfort feature on their devices. One such bug results in the feature being turned on even when users toggle of the option via the settings. More details here.

Update 17 (November 24)

IST 05:35 pm: It seems that the missing 5G network connectivity problem is still not fixed on the OnePlus 8T according to recent reports from users. Therefore, you may have to wait a bit more for OnePlus to patch the bug. Full story here.

Update 18 (November 25)

IST 11:30 am: Several OnePlus users, including those on the OnePlus 8T, are noticing that the screen randomly has a warm/yellow or cool tint. Head here to know more about the issue and a possible fix for it.

IST 06:40 pm: While the unlocked OnePlus 8T units have bagged multiple updates, those with T-Mobile branded OnePlus 8T devices may have to wait until Christmas to get a new software update. Full story here.

Update 19 (November 26)

IST 11:55 am: T-Mobile has finally started seeding a new update for the OnePlus 8T in the U.S. It is rolling out as version and brings a few fixes such as a fix for software freezes, device overheating, and Bluetooth issues. More details here.

Update 20 (November 27)

IST 10:05 am: Many OnePlus 8T users are reporting that images shot on their devices often turn out to be of poor quality and even grainy with washed-out colors. Thankfully, it seems that OnePlus is aware of the issue and will fix it via upcoming updates. Full story here.

Update 21 (November 28)

IST 11:05 am: OnePlus 8T users who have been facing problems while trying to use applications in the split-screen mode will be pleased to know that the problem will be fixed in upcoming builds according to a staff member on the OnePlus community forums.



Matter of fact, the issue was fixed on the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro via the latest update.

IST 05:05 pm: OnePlus conducted a survey for which focuses on the OnePlus 8T OxygenOS 11 software experience. In it, the company has hinted towards a possible return of the OnePlus Messages and Dialer application.

Therefore, the OEM may bring back the two stock apps via further OxygenOS 11 builds for the device. Full story here.

Update 22 (December 02)

IST 03:30 pm: OnePlus 8T users have been complaining about poor fast charging experience on their units to which one of the company’s staff recently responded saying the issue should be addressed in the latest update.

Opposing the claim, user reports, however, chime in the opposite direction. Head here for more details.

IST 03:40 pm: Going by the recent reports, OnePlus devs are aware of and working to resolve the camera issues related to tap-to-focus, QR Code scanning, and selfie camera performance. Interested readers can find the detailed coverage here.

Update 23 (December 08)

IST 02:20 pm: A OnePlus staff member on the company’s community forums has hinted that future updates could bring enhancements for the white balance in the camera app. Head here to know all the details behind this comment.

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