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Original story (published on November 15, 2020) follows:

YouTube is easily the most popular video-sharing platform in almost every country in the world.

The site claims that it has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users and over a billion hours of video is consumed every day.


Despite having had its fair share of controversies, YouTube still remains the first place most individuals seeking to share or watch videos find themselves going too. And this might not change anytime soon.

But not everything works as it should and thus at times viewers, or even creators for that matter, run into issues or have to deal with pesky bugs that pop up every so often on YouTube.

Just yesterday, YouTube went down for many users across the world for a few hours. Viewers were greeted with an error message when trying to play videos on the site as per multiple reports.

YouTube did acknowledge the situation and fixed the problem for all users and provided a follow-up comment with an apology for the interruption.


Fortunately, major issues such as this do not happen often, however, less impactful bugs do annoy users more often than not.

We recently reported on a few bugs and issues on the site/app such as the bug which turns on captions automatically and the AS-10 error in channel monetization amongst others.

Usually, YouTube does a good job of acknowledging most bugs and issues encountered by users and fixes them within a matter of hours or a few days depending on the number of affected users.


It also releases updates regularly for the application on Android and iOS to make sure that any bugs that may be present are ironed out.

That being said, it isn’t always easy to keep track of which bugs have been acknowledged or fixed and which ones are still pending acknowledgment.

Therefore, in this post, we will be tracking the status of all existing bugs, issues, and pending improvements to the best of our abilities in order to help you save time.

The tracker below will be regularly updated as and when a new bug pops up or when there is any development on existing bugs, issues, or pending improvements on YouTube so it would be wise to keep an eye on this post regularly.

New updates will be added in the section below and the tracker follows after that:

Update 1 (November 17)

IST 11:00 am: Several users are reporting that they aren’t able to play certain songs which were previously available on YouTube Music. A “Song is unavailable” message pops up when trying to play these songs at random. Head here for more info.

Update 2 (November 18)

IST 01:45 pm: It seems that assigned editors and managers of YouTube channels are not able to upload videos on the channel. In a fresh response to a query on Twitter, TeamYouTube claimed that their team is still working on fixing the problem.



Update 3 (November 19)

IST 10:15 am: Some Google Pixel 3a/3a XL and even a few Pixel 4a users are reporting that the audio playback gets choppy or completely stops after the screen is locked. It goes back to normal once the screen is unlocked. Head here to know more.

IST 04:30 pm: YouTube Music users have realized that they don’t have the option to toggle off the autoplay feature when adding a single track to the queue. This has, of course, left many users frustrated. Head here for more details and a few workarounds.

Update 4 (November 21)

IST 09:50 am: TeamYouTube has reached out to another individual who has been affected by the bug which prevents managers and editors from uploading videos to the channel.


In its tweet, TeamYouTube has claimed that creating a new channel using the email associated with the affected YouTube account should solve the problem temporarily. Unfortunately, the tweet does not entail any details regarding when the issue will be fixed.

We’ve been seeing similar reports from designated channel editors/managers. Creating a new channel using the email associated with the affected YouTube account should enable you to upload in the meantime as a workaround

Update 5 (November 24)

IST 07:45 pm: Some YouTubers are reporting that they aren’t able to stream because a “Live streaming isn’t available right now” error keeps popping up. Head here to know more about the issue.

YouTube/YouTube Music bugs/issues and pending improvements tracker:

YouTube bugs and issues tracker
Bug/issue Affected platform Status
YouTube Down (November 12) All platforms Fixed
Unable to turn on comments on YouTube channel All platforms Workaround
Error AS-10 Google Chrome Acknowledged
Too many foregin language videos All platforms Workaround
Captions turn on automatically All platforms Workaround
Bug/issue Affected platform Status
Watch history issue Multiple platforms Possible fixes
YouTube app on Apple TV freezing Apple TV Workaround
Error saving video data Multiple platforms Workaround
Restricted mode does not turn off All platforms Workaround
YouTube Analytics incorrect real-time views Multiple platforms Acknowledged
Bug/issue Affected platform Status
Shuffle feature does not work with longer playlists All platforms Acknowledged
Unable to create new YouTube stream keys Multiple platforms Workaround
PlayStation 4 (PS4) YouTube sign-in error PS4 Official workaround
Old watched videos keep getting recommended All platforms Possible solution
YouTube Library tab broken and sidebar missing Android App Acknowledged
Bug/issue Affected platform Status
Merch shelf issues Multiple platforms Acknowledged
Unable to watch restricted videos on YouTube PS4 Unknown
Editors and Managers unable to upload videos All platforms Workaround
“Live streaming isn’t available right now” error All platforms Workaround
YouTube pending improvements tracker
Suggested/Official features & functions Platform Status
Go to channel option from 3-dots menu removed Multiple platforms Workaround
Default video quality setting Android Testing
YouTube Music bugs and issues tracker
Bug/issue Affected platform Status
Song is unavailable issue All platforms Workaround
Media playback issues when screen is locked Android Workaround

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