T-Mobile OnePlus 8T+ units might have to wait until Christmas Day to get a new software update


Carrier devices offer a lot of value proposition. They come tailor-made for all the services that a carrier has to offer, plus a few extra apps that should, at least in theory, enhance the user’s experience.

Couple this with a subsidised price and flexible contract payment options over the entire period of ownership and you begin to get a picture of how these devices are appealing to some.


However, this is almost as far as the pros for getting a carrier device goes because traditionally, there have been a few drawbacks to getting these units.

OnePlus 8T is sold in many markets across the globe and in the U.S, users on T-Mobile can get themselves a piece of this device as the OnePlus 8T+ 5G.

This carrier unit has lagged behind its unlocked counterpart when it comes to receiving updates. Just this month, we’ve seen the unlocked version of the OnePlus 8T bag 3 different updates.



OnePlus 8T

In the same period, the carrier hasn’t rolled out a single update to the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T+. More on that in our OnePlus 8T software tracker.

This has prompted users of the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T+ to reach out to the carrier in search for answers as to when their units will get updated.

In a screenshot showing the alleged conversation between a T-Mobile representative and a customer, it becomes apparent that the OnePlus 8T+ from T-Mobile won’t get an update until December 25.

This is such a sorry state of affairs as it leaves the users of the T-Mobile vulnerable to attacks seeing as it is trailing behind its unlocked counterparts in Android security patch level; still sporting the September 2020 patch.

Why is the oneplus 8t not getting software updates. I see where the unlocked version has received 3 updates already. The tmobile version is even still on the September security patch. Seriously tmobile? All the hype that went in to this phone and now it feels like it’s just been pushed to the back. What is going on. I am so done with this. I’m seriously considering sending the phone back.

Clearly, carrier versions of devices seem to be getting the short end of the stick and this is obviously watering down the user experience. Luckily, and thanks to the developer community, there might be a way out.

For users that aren’t afraid to tinker with their devices, there is a way to convert your T-Mobile OnePlus 8T to either a European or a global variant. We have more on this here.

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T

We’ve said this before and we will say it again. Carriers really need to get their act together as far as updates are concerned. It is 2020 and practices like these only go to water down all the gains and strides that Android as a platform has made over the years.

Oh how we’re looking forward to a time when all Android devices will get timely updates.

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