How to extend Wi-Fi range using two Wi-Fi routers?


Are you looking for ways to extend Wi-Fi range? We can extend Wi-Fi using wireless repeaters or wireless extenders easily as they have built in Wi-Fi repeater features. Using such routers we can easily extend Wi-Fi range at home or office. Besides wireless routers with repeater or extender features, one can also buy dedicated Wi-Fi repeaters and extend Wi-Fi network. They are usually cheaper than Wi-Fi routers. If you have such routers, then refer to the previous post, how to extend Wi-Fi using two Netgear Wi-Fi routers with Wi-Fi repeater features.

However, if the routers you have do not have Wi-Fi repeater / access point features built-in, then we can still extend Wi-Fi range using those routers. In this post, we shall see how to extend Wi-Fi range using two routers without Wi-Fi repeater features inbuilt.

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