Useful WordPress Plugins for Admin User Interface Customization, Maintenance Mode etc.

WordPress is a pretty easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for blogging and for development of various kinds of websites. WordPress after installation can be used as is pretty easily but there are lots of things in the WordPress admin area that some users don’t need to see or use. Requirement to customize the admin pages might arise to hide certain things that are not required to be displayed to other users granted access to manage the website- such as Authors, Editors and Contributors etc. For example WordPress by default shows some default widgets such as WordPress news in the Dashboard area. This may not be required by some to be shown to Authors/Editors. Similarly, admins may like to hide some post meta-data as too many data can be overwhelming to some. Admins can decide what is appropriate for their users to see or not. For all such requirements, there are plugins available for customization of Admin User Interface.

Some useful WordPress Plugins for Admin User Interface Customization

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