Four FREE Android Phone Manager / PC Suite for Android Mobile Phones

free desktop android phone manager pc suite

Quite often we end up in need of backing up our smartphone data to our local computer. That is when PC Suite or desktop phone manager comes in handy. Nowadays, we also have cloud storage to backup some of our data but then, cloud storage comes with limited storage if free and of course, it required data connection to upload (better do it on WiFi). And generally, not all photos and videos we took from our phones are not worth uploading all to cloud storage. That would be a waste of our precious space. So the ultimate choice is to store it on our computer or on external hard disks. That's when PC suite and phone manager comes in handy. We can also copy or transfer files from phone to computer and vice-versa just by using USB cable but having a PC Suite helps us in doing more with our phone than just transfer files.  In this post, we shall see top five FREE PC Suite or phone manager software for Android smartphones.

Some phone manufacturers provide their own PC suite. We may fondly remember Nokia PC Suite as well from those days. Others include Samsung's Kies, Mi Phone's Mi PC Suite etc. But if your phone manufacturer did not provide a PC suite software or if the pc suite software is not working as expected, you can try any of the below free desktop Android phone managers to manage your Android phone from a computer.

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