How to disable country specific redirection of Blogger Blogspot sites?

How to disable Blogger Blogspot site from redirecting to country specific domain?
If you are using Blogger Blogspot, you might have noticed that Google redirects Blogger Blogspot sites to country specific URLs. For example, if I open this blog whose URL is, it gets redirected to, since I am from India. Similarly, a visitor from UK would see and so on. You can find the reason from this update here why Google chose to implement country specific domain. In a nutshell, Google implemented country specific domains so that is a site need to be blocked in a certain country but made available on others. 

But for bloggers, it creates issues especially with social stats like Tweet counts, Google+, Facebook Likes and even Facebook comments. Therefore, many users prefer to disable the domain redirection. In this post we will see how to implement Blogger from redirecting to country specific domains.

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