How to automatically update all Third Party software in Windows Computer ?

Manage update of third party software on Windows Computer automatically

On Windows Computer, we can use the Windows Update to install patches and updates from Microsoft. Any new updates available from Microsoft are installed. That is all right. But we don't use Microsoft software alone do we? In fact, except for those using Microsoft Office programs, most people use Third Party software for majority of their needs.

Most users manage software updates manually - either the software notify us that there is a newer version or we check out manually from the software's website and download new updates or versions. Now this is all right too, but sometimes, a software that does not notify of new updates or those which are not frequently used might be missed. And it may be a tedious task to go to each software's website to check out for newer versions. What if we could manage third party software updates automatically by using some programs? Well, in this post we will see how to update third party software installed on Windows computer automatically.

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