How to add Google Adsense in the middle of post content after read more in new Blogger themes 2017?

Google Adsense New Blogger Themes 2017
Have you checked out the new Official Blogger themes from Google? If you have not, then I recommend you to check out the previous post - Check out new responsive Blogger themes released by Google! And, if you have, then I am wondering if you are thinking how and where to place Google Adsense in the new official Blogger themes. You can also check out different regions where you can place and display Google Adsense ads on new Blogger Themes here.

Besides automatically displaying Google Adsense ads from Blogger or manually adding Google Adsense ads via HTML/JavaScript widgets / gadgets, if you intend to place Google Adsense ads in the middle of post content, then you can do so in the following steps.

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